Living People

by Slow Ships

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released October 8, 2016

All songs written by Rubaiyat Howlader.

Produced by Tony Dupé.

Engineered and mixed by Tony Dupé.

Recorded @ Rubi and Jude's home in Springwood, NSW, and The Abandoned Fireworks Factory, Melbourne and Korumburra, VIC.

Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering, UK.

All songs arranged by Tony Dupé and Rubaiyat Howlader. Special thanks to Claire Deak for her creative contribution.

Played by (in order of appearance):

Rubaiyat Howlader - voice [1-10], acoustic guitar [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10], pump organ [1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8], mandolin [1, 3], bowed electric guitar [1], glockenspiel [2, 8], electric guitar [3], bowed glockenspiel [4, 5], Casio keyboard [4], harmonica [4], percussion [4, 7], piano [5, 6, 7, 9].
Jude Wright - voice [1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10].
Tasmiah Howlader - voice [1, 2, 8, 9, 10].
Tony Dupé - mandolin [1], strings [1, 3, 8], electric guitar [1, 5], horns [2, 4, 7], double bass [2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10], percussion [2, 3], ukulele [3], piano [3], singing saw [7], field recording [8], acoustic guitar [8].
Claire Deak - piano [2, 7, 10], accordion [2].
Jim Thomas - sousaphone [4].

Album cover photography by Jude Wright.

℗ + © 2016 Slow Ships and Toshiko [TOSH001]


In deepest gratitude:
Tony and Claire, for your friendship, generousity and talent; Rupert, for your patience and generous support; Chi, for being the truest friend and always providing me with gear; Holly and Ado, for the spirit of Woo; Jess D, for the years of music, love and inspiration; Monica, for your creative support and being one who inspires me; my old bandmates of Hey Big Aki - Angela, Dilhan, and Adam - I love you so; Rizwan, for inspiring me to create and tying up our reins to the stars; Mum, for your love and passing on your passion of the creative arts; Jess C, for your guidance, music and friendship; Winsome for teaching me to be true on stage; Tasmiah, for your voice, shields of love and wisdom; Jude, for lighting the spark and sustaining the flame kept within and guiding me through the dark.

♡ My friends and family, thank you!



all rights reserved


Slow Ships Sydney, Australia

From nocturnal odes to lilting hymns, Slow Ships draws on themes from the natural world, memory, creatures and places, both literal and allegorical, ultimately weaving domestic narratives of love, self and the world beyond.

"Sublime" - Lachlan Wyllie, Chiefly Sounds.

"Really beautiful stuff" - Johanna Roberts, In The Pines, FBi 94.5FM
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Track Name: Into the Wild
Into the wild we found ourselves cast
wearing wide eyes and only skin.
I had a dream we both ran through the dark;
as it comes in I move by your breath.

Keep our heads a steady weight
even if we wield heavy thoughts.
All the lines may bear witness on our face
the sweet songs of our loves and our faults.

Yesterday, the grieving wind the rain.
Of all the woes we've writ, composed,
they are only our old sorrows.
Track Name: Jude
I remember you staring back at me
Into the crowded space of the El Rocco Room
Sing me your sweet songs

All our faces were illuminated

I remember you were smoking a joint at Patty L's
Then into the quiet space of your brother's place
Sing me your sweet songs
My darling, sweetheart

Only the cat had witnessed our dance

We sat together listening to Conor Oberst
To love and to be loved*
It came to me in the goddamned loveliest melody*
At my friend, Chi's house
I'm falling in love again

I had learned to read some famous books
but my darling I'm still sifting through pages
O love to begin to fathom your mind.

*Re-contextualised lyrics referring to a song from 'Lifted' (2002) by Bright Eyes.
Track Name: Wood of the Trees
So did you find
the cradle in my arms?
A field of flowers
grew in your eyes

When you shook at night
just crying
Oh my darlin',
I should think
to remind myself
of how the water
caressed the shore

Darlin' we've
lived with the seasons
the song of the sea
the wood of the trees
Whether a seed
finds it place
All the wild can do
is wait

Was I a man
who could form a plan
When the sun went down
I was straight in bed
With a leaf of bread
upon my fingertips
I was crying
for a dream

And mama's sweet poetry
The flowers withered
in the kitchen sink
Whether a lonely heart
finds it place
all a good heart can do
is live
Track Name: Raven
I wanna tell you something like, "Gosh you look good."
I wanna hold your books and stir sugar in your tea, yeah
Man, I keep holding my tongue and biting my lips

Could I have this dance?
You know, I'm not so good but I'll give it a try
And if you would give me a chance
We could be like the best part in a good book

I searched doggedly for my hearts iron will
Are we still taming wild beasts with our heads caught in the jaws of our desires?
The day I'm over my grand ego, I'll have something worth saying

But please have some more tea
You know I once penned down some grand ideas like,
"If I'd have a heart attack, at least I'd die knowing I had you in my life."

I want to build a sailing ship and cast off
Papa, I wanted to hold up a ladder straight into the heart of it
when i heard you were leaving without a word or 'goodbye'

So if you follow your own path then where will all the people have gone?
Hey do you know my father?
He's like a raven and a writing desk
Track Name: Last Year's Full Wolf Moon
I'm still laughing
We are here
At dusk the hours creep
And you can hang out
with some wolves down the street

If you're calling me out
then I follow the sound

I'm telling long, long tales
And he's growing some long hair
Me, I followed the sound

I am the iron curtain over your eyes
O let me out
We are moving parts

That was last year's
Track Name: Goodwill
You once wish you had a man to lean on to, sometimes
Sometime, a man may lean upon you

*Time hangs so dreadfully
All day, every minute I want to work it away
To keep myself from feeling blue
An inactive sort of drifting feeling that can't be described*

Last night I kissed you in my mind
You were only an arms-length away but I didn't reach for you
Except in my mind

Last night I sat and listened to some ailments for some hours before bed
It's awfully exhilarating
especially when you feel blue
A feeling that still can't be described.

*I wonder how you're feeling?
Blue or not feeling anything at all
Just drifting
It's hard either way isn't it?*

I once thought o I can't cheerfully so I shan't talk at all
But I carried out long-winded conversations in my mind
for practice

Last night in my mind there was a kiss
Silent like a moth
A quiet fluttering resting on your lips, my darling,
to wish you good will through the night

*these words originally appeared in a law book I was reading. It had a case study of an English woman who wrote letters to her lover in Australia. They were suspected of being involved in murder of the woman's husband. But I wasn't really interested in that. Rather, her beautifully worded letters to her secret lover captured my attention and I have used some of her phrases and re-contextualised them and now they carry new meaning. If anyone ever comes across this book, could you please get in contact with me so that I can credit this woman's words properly in future pressings of my album because I lost the original source material.
Track Name: Bump in the Night
There was a time
things quietly stirred
In the back of my mind
and in the black of the night

Across the bed
rose the hair on my head

And all of a sudden
the wind swept the cloud
high and dry
as the shriek of the creatures
go bump in the night

I woke in the night
I woke with a fright
With the black of my eyes
I peered across the bedroom

And all of a sudden
you with your arms outstretched
as the shriek of the creatures
go bump in the night

We had better watch our steps
We had better hold our breath
Track Name: Catherine
Catherine, will you fuck me tonight?
Stars were out when it got dark

Darlin' we're the same
walking around house and haunt

Why are you crying?
The water runs deep where it ain't wide*
With the voice that I got
man, i told you

sweetheart, in your eyes
stars were out when it got dark

Darlin' we're the same
walking around house and haunt

Why are you crying?
"Love grows up from the ground"**
With the voice that you got
yeah, you told me

* a reference to a song from Have One on Me (2010) by Joanna Newsom.

** a lyric from a song Jude wrote called, 'Love Grows up from the Ground'.
Track Name: Writer of Writ
Every night I'll make love to you
so we won't forget how our pens
found the words
I want to do it right
Remove your suit of armour
Yeah, I became a singer of song
You know?

"Don't be scared to live like that"
The artist wrote it down so he would not forget
I played old chords worn out by pop stars
Living with the culture and shit
I gave them money

And late at night
When you had shut your eyes
For the moon, the sea yonder
met the sky

Do you really know where your sorrow should go?
I became a writer of writ
When all around I saw people living
What the fuck was I doing?